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Anyone ever struggle to keep their studio organized? I just came across this great list of excellent and practical organizing tips! Here are the five main points given in the article, but go check out the website for more detail:

1. Organize with organizers.

2. Give everything a home.

3. Don’t procrastinate.

4. Make a decision.

5. Get in the organizer’s mindset.

I’ve just spent part of my two week break decluttering and reorganizing my studio. I think half the battle is coming up with a good system. If you set up an organizational system that does the job and is easy to maintain, there is much less chance that a mess will pile up than if items are randomly or carelessly placed. Here are a couple of systems that I’ve come up with in my own studio that have helped immensely!

Keeping track of business expenses. After I record my expenses in my spreadsheet, I drop the receipts into this binder system.

Student Worksheets. This system makes it easy to find appropriate worksheets for students who need to work on specific areas.

I’ve also got a system for organizing all my piano books and sheet music that works wonderfully. I’ll try to post about that tomorrow. And I’ve got a system for setting out books and materials for specific students each week. I’m working on a better system for handling billing and record-keeping (thanks to Music Teacher’s Helper. I’m hoping to give an update on that soon.) Now if only I could come up with a system for turning all my students into well-rounded musicians who can easily sight-read, play by ear, transpose on the spot, etc., etc. 😀

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